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Dominic Au

Producer  |  DJ  |  Synthesist

Product Designer  |  Educator

ableton_certified_trainer_dominic au.png

Training offer in

English, Cantonese and Mandarin


Glen Darcey, CEO of ASM (left) and Dominic Au (right) presenting the Hydrasynth in Music China.

Dominic Au (a.k.a. Bluedee) started producing music and playing as a DJ back in 2009. Over the years, he had played in bands as keyboardist and programmer. On the production side, he had composed for award-winning project film scores and advertisements.

Polypumpkins Dominic Au hosting a product workshop in Taipei.
Polypumpkins Dominic Au giving a staff training workshop in Guangzhou.

After accomplishing his major in Creative Arts, he became a Producer in a documentary production house. He entered the realm of Music Technology and Pro Audio when he became a Product Specialist for Focusrite / Novation in 2013. He is now a Senior Product & Design Manager of ASM (Ashun Sound Machines), who has proudly co-designed the Hydrasynth. He had hosted numerous events in Hong Kong, Mainland China & Taiwan, and exhibited in the world's largest music shows, including NAMM and Music China, for years.

The ASM Hydrasynth which Dominic Au has proudly co-designed.

Over the years, he has gained experience in instrument development, testing, sound designing, demonstration and performance.

As an Ableton Certified Trainer, he felt blessed to be able to share the knowledge and inspire aspiring talents.

Dominic is passionate about

learning and sharing new

music technologies, as well

as exploring vintage electronic instruments. He appreciates the legacy and innovation from both vintage and modern electronic instruments.

He focuses on customizing lessons to help students achieve their goals and encourages them to be productive throughout the learning process. Ableton Live, Push and diverse expressive instruments are the heart of his setup, for both production and performance, which enables his students to learn real-world applications. Synthesis and programming in Ableton Live are his specialties.

A section of Dominic Au's modular rig which he uses for sound exploration.
Dominic Au performing with Launchkey Mini Mk3 and Ableton Live.


Polypumpkins' core setup Push 2.

Awakening of Creativity

Capturing the hidden mind and transforming it into audible works. Developing practices to stimulate and liberate your innermost voice.

Dominic Au producing.


Gathering your glitches of ideas into motifs, organizing fragments of motifs to sections and arranging them with tact to create your final piece. 

Polypumpkins' Korg MS-20.

Sound Design

Understanding sounds and various types of synthesis. Exploring the infinite world of sonic possibilities and elevating your own set of palette.

Dominic Au performing live.

Live Set & Performance

Mastering Ableton Live Session concept and workflow of performance preparation with manner. Getting hold of your setup and maximizing your confidence.

Dominic Au performing live in front of an audience of over 15,000 people in Huizhou.

DJ & Remix

Familiarizing with DJ mixing techniques and merging with programming skills.
Producing remixes and mixtapes with your own style.

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