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Polypumpkins is a Hong Kong-based duo band which focuses on electronic music. ㊣

Dominic Au & Pion Leung got together and formed the duo in 2015. With the distinct musical backgrounds and diverse experiences across different fields, their works reveal influences and flavors from their lives.


As two synthesizer-freaks, sound design became their typical approach in starting new concepts. Polypumpkins’ works diffuse rich electronic flavor with heavily synthesized sounds. Their music targets to bring audiences on a special journey with ups and downs, without a fixed boundary of genres.

Sharing the moods musically is always the goal of their production and performance. Besides original composition, music cover is something Polypumpkins enjoy making as well.


Dominic Au (a.k.a. Bluedee) started producing music and playing as a DJ back in 2009. Over the years, he had played in bands as keyboardist and programmer. On the production side, he had composed for award-winning project film scores and advertisements.

After accomplishing his major in Creative Arts, he became a Producer in a documentary production house. He entered the realm of Music Technology and Pro Audio when he became a Product Specialist for Focusrite / Novation in 2013. He is now a Product Manager of ASM (Ashun Sound Machines), who has proudly co-designed the Hydrasynth. He had hosted numerous events in Hong Kong, Mainland China & Taiwan, and exhibited in the world's largest music shows,including NAMM and Music China, for years.

Over the years, he has gained experience in instrument development, testing, sound designing, demonstration and performance. He is passionate and ready to work on all kinds of projects.

Specialized translation (English / Cantonese / Mandarin) in the music and audio field is one of his strengths. He had translated a great amount of brand marketing contents as well as professional UI strings. Besides, he had also worked as simultaneous interpreter for advanced talks in Pro Audio.

Education is one of his focuses now. As an Ableton Certified Trainer, he felt blessed to be able to share the knowledge of Music Technology and inspire aspiring talents. Click here to learn more about the learning programs he offers.

Dominic Au (Bluedee)

Producer | DJ | Synthesist

Product Designer | Educator

ableton_certified_trainer_dominic au.png
Dominc Au

Composer | Pianist
Accompanist | Keyboardist

Pion Leung first got her hands on the black and white keys back when she was 7, which was the portable keyboard called Rhythmic 2 from Video Technology. She started to learn piano when she was 9, and eventually led to the recognition in classical piano training and her achievement in Music Education.

Pion was influenced by local electronic music bands like Tat Ming Pair when she was a teenager. In 2013, she joined the band Electricious, from which her adventure in electronic sound exploration began. She played a key role in the electronic sound-shaping of their works.

Up to now, she is still seeking novel ways to express her musical ideas by knitting sounds and melodies together.

Classical Background:

  • Trinity ATCL piano Distinction

  • ABRSM piano grade 8 Distinction

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
    - Music Education in HK Baptist University

  • ABRSM music theory grade 8

  • ABRSM violin grade 5

  • The VI International Liszt Ferenc Competition
    - Second Runner-up (Beethoven Sonata Category)

Pion Leung

Pion Leung
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